NPO Skill Camp is….

Skill Camp is a learning intervention center that provides highly individualized behavioral and educational support to improve the development of children. Skill Camp establishes a partnership with families to understand the specific needs of their child and support them to achieve success. Skill Camp works cooperatively with schools and other community institutions to ensure its services are effective.
NPO Skill Camp was launched in July 2007 to develop valuable skills with children and their families so they may reach the brightest stars together.


What We Believe

Skill Camp believes every single child has the right to live an independent and fulfilling life, however, we understand that the child may have some differences or difficulties adapting to their environment. Our individualized approach supports them to accept these differences and enables them to improve the quality of their lives.

For Children

Skill Camp provides internationally recognized behavioral modification and learning intervention programs for children with developmental difficulties, including but not limited to:
_ Autism Spectrum Disorder
_ Aspergers Syndrome
_ Expressive Language Delay
_ Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder

Skill Camp provides intensive tutoring and learning support for school children that will benefit from:
_ Academic development
_ Improved self management and study skills
_ Greater confidence in their educational setting
_ Remedial education

For Parents

Skill Camp provides a free consultation for parents and their children. Qualified instructors are available to meet family members and listen to their concerns about their child’s development or progress in school. Learning from parents is an important part of Skill Camp’s service for children. After meeting parents and gaining an understanding of their child’s needs, Skill Camp can provide the following:
_ An open and professional assessment of the child’s behavior and developmental competencies
_ Effective communication with the child’s school or learning institution
_ Center-based and home-based learning support options
_ Regular and structured parent support sessions
_ Organized activities for family members, including siblings

For Schools

Skill Camp is aware that schools are the primary provider of educational services and support for children. Skill Camp maintains a professional standard of communication and confidentiality with institutions of learning. Skill Camp can deliver a learning support program for a child based on specific curriculum content guidelines and objectives.
Skill Camp offers genuine intervention programs for school students and their families. Children are given opportunities to improve their knowledge and practice the skills necessary to cope with a mainstream environment.

Our Staff

Skill Camp staff members are qualified providers of behavioral and educational services for children. Each staff member is professionally trained and experienced in their field of expertise. All staff members of Skill Camp possess unique skills and practical knowledge that can contribute positively to the development of children. Skill Camp’s special team of experienced staff include the following professionals:
_ Behavioral Therapist
_ Registered Teacher
_ Occupational Therapist
_ Tomatis Instructor
_ Family Support Specialist
_ Facial Reflexologist

Our Programs

Skill Camp staff members practice interdisciplinary relationships that allow them to combine specialist knowledge and create highly effective learning intervention programs. Skill Camp can deliver a diverse range of individualized programs to improve the skills of children. The programs are designed specifically for the child’s needs and incorporate principles and methodology from recognized courses of learning, including but not limited to:
_ Applied Behavior Analysis and Verbal BehaviorP
_ Occupational Therapy
_ Pre Academic and Academic Skills Training
_ TEACCH program for structured teaching and independent work systems
_ Picture Exchange Communication System for alternative and augmentative communication
_ Social Skills Training
_ Speech and Language Therapy